Jordan Valve: Mark 60


This Pressure Regulator is used to regulate the downstream pressure to a predetermined setpoint. The spring in the Mark 60 holds the sliding gate seats in their normally open position to allow the process media to pass through the seats. As the downstream pressure exceeds the setpoint, pressure is exerted on the diaphragm which raises the stem to modulate the disc toward the closed position. As the seats close, downstream pressure will be reduced to the required setpoint. A decrease in pressure relaxes the spring and diaphragm to move the seats toward the open position.

Marwin Valve: 2000R Series Flanged Valve

marwin 2000 ball valve 180px

The 2000R Series flanged ball valve is designed to handle process applications. Low torque, combined with a large mounting pad, makes this valve ideal for automation. Marwin offers a wide range of automated accessories including actuators (electric and pneumatic), limit switches, solenoids and gear operators. The Mark 2000 Series, whether manual or automated, should be considered before other more expensive flange valves.  The Standard port valves are uni-body construction. Internal parts are assembled through the large  end of the one-piece body, which is closed off by a threaded end-entry plug to compress the floating ball in the central cavity between the seats.

LowFlow Valve: Mark 708


The Mark 708 was developed to provide the most accurate control available for fractional flow services: whether for pilot plant installations, test stands, R & D facilities or for specialized processes such as dosing, injection and venting applications.

With Cv’s ranging from 0.00001 to 4.0 available in 1/4″ through 3/4″ line sizes (0,000009 to 3,4 Kv in sizes DN8 through DN20), the Mark 708 offers design features that will provide enhanced performance to insure precision control on your most critical micro-flow applications.

MOGAS: C- Series Customizable Isolation Valves

c series thumb 1

The C-Series valve is the best choice in large bore isolation applications. MOGAS engineers have successfully designed the C-Series valve line which isolates under the extreme conditions – high temperature up to 1652°F (900°C), high pressures up to 43,000 psig (2965 bar g), media build-up, cycling with solids in the line and erosive attack of materials and coatings. With more than 40 years of engineering expertise, each C-Series valve is designed specifically for the application.

Each ball and seat subassembly is mate-lapped by hand and put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure its integrity. The C-Series valve is available in full or reduced bore, ½ inch to 42 inches and in a wide variety of end connections.

Hex Valve: HexBlok Modular Double Block & Bleed Valves


Hexbloks are used primarily on upstream offshore/onshore oil production and initial processing installations. Typically used on liquid hydrocarbon applications to minimize the size and weight of the pipe-valve assemblies associated with gauge pressure or analytical instrumentation.  Used specifically for primary and/or secondary isolation, vent and calibration access, or sampling or injection applications.

Also used in downstream oil refining and petrochemical production on flanged process piping.

MOGAS: FlexStream® Control Valve Technology

flexstream trim cut 90 gray 01 1000px

The internal control elements (or trim) use flow paths of various configurations to control flow and pressure drop. This compact trim configuration, located downstream of the seat, consists of a diffusion element and a control element.

1    The diffusion element splits and aligns the flow through an arrangement of straight paths.

2    The control element reduces the flow velocity through an arrangement of tortuous flow paths and open area.

The variable characterization of the control element allows precise pressure letdown and superior velocity control tailored to specific process conditions.

mogas pri td r rgb

At MOGAS Industries, we run every aspect of our company the same way we build our valves – with an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. This has been our approach since 1973, when Louis Mogas founded the company in Houston, Texas. Since then we’ve expanded worldwide, with sales and service centers in China, Australia, Canada, South America, Africa and Europe, as well as representatives and technicians in more than 40 countries.

MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications. Building upon our extensive field experience, we relentlessly pursue research & development breakthroughs in design, materials, coatings and other technologies to deliver the most-trusted, highest-quality valves in any industry. When a company works with MOGAS, every aspect of the experience is designed to provide the products, service, knowledge and responsiveness needed to get the job done – on time, as promised.


logo richards

 Richards Industries is a leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Other sectors include paper products, tire and rubber, machinery and electrical equipment, transportation equipment and energy industries. We are dedicated to finding new ways to improve our manufacturing processes, our existing products, creating new products, reaching new markets and responding faster to our customers' needs.


jv logo

At Jordan Valve we understand creating value is more than simply the price of a valve.

Value is about manufacturing products that are reliable and durable. Value is supplying products that help you avoid costly shutdowns or production delays. Value is the reason we pay close attention to every detail of design, manufacturing, and assembly of each component. Value is why we thoroughly test EVERY valve prior to shipment.

We’ve adhered to the same simple philosophy for over 60 years. By focusing on Total Cost of Ownership we can provide you, our customers, with world class products at competitive prices.


lfv logo

LowFlow is a leading manufacturer of precision engineered flow control and pressure regulating valve products.  LowFlow valves are trusted around the world to control liquids, gases and steam across a wide variety of industries and applications.  Our engineers continue to develop new technologies and innovative products to serve industrial and commercial markets including natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, HVAC, wastewater and automotive.  Do you have a tough application?  High pressure, high temperature, cryogenics, micro CVs?  At LowFlow valve we pride ourselves in tailoring our valves for tough applications, while offering industry leading delivery.  Our expertise and global resources will help you develop the perfect valve solution.


Marwin Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality quarter-turn ball valves and automated accessories. Our creative engineering department and quality manufacturing practices enable Marwin Valve to offer the convenience of standard features with the option of customizing for a specific process. Our extensive product range includes two piece, three piece, flanged, and multiport valves. In addition, Marwin specializes in non-standard ball valves including metal-seated, cryogenic, control and special-seated valves.


HV 2C rgb

Hex Valve is an industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves. We supply high quality products, quick deliveries and competitive pricing to the petrochemical, chemical, petroleum, pulp & paper, food processing and primary metal industries. Hex Valve has a readily available selection of exotic alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy 20, Titanium and ZIrconium, as well as the availability of products to meet the requirements of ANSI B31.1, ANSI B31.3 as well as NACE MR-01-75.







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