Siemens FC430 Coriolis

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The SITRANS FC430 flowmeter solution is the lightest and most compact Coriolis system worldwide – you can reduce skid size, fit multiple units into the tightest areas, simplify installation into both new and existing applications, and minimize costs.

The fully digital generation of compact flowmeters is tailored for direct integration into machine control systems.

Siemens SITRANS LUT400 Level Controller

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The Siemens SITRANS LUT400 series controllers are compact, single point, long-range ultrasonic controllers for continuous level, or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, and high accuracy monitoring of open channel flow.

The SITRANS LUT400 comes in three different models, depending on the application, level of performance and functionality required:

  • SITRANS LUT420 Level Controller: Level or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, as well as basic pump control functions, and basic data logging capability

  • SITRANS LUT430 Level, volume, Pump and Flow Controller: Includes all features of the LUT420 plus a full suite of advanced pump control and alarm functionality, open channel flow monitoring, and basic flow data logging capability

  • SITRANS LUT440 High Accuracy OCM: Our most featured, highest accuracy model. Includes all features of the LUT430, plus the industry’s best accuracy (± 1 mm within 3 m), full suite of advanced control functionality, and enhanced flow logging capability


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SITRANS LR250 is your first choice for liquid level measurement in storage and process vessels up to 20 meters (66 ft) (antenna dependent). With its range of antennas, this transmitter can handle whatever you need it to. Its new flanged and hygienic encapsulated antennas mean corrosive or aggressive materials and hygienic or sanitary requirements are no challenge for this transmitter.

FCI: ST100 Mass Flow Meter

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ST100 is an all-new, thermal dispersion technology gas flow meter that combines the most feature- and function- rich electronics with the industry's most advanced flow sensors to achieve a truly state-of-the-science flow metering solution for industrial processes and plant applications.

The ST100 series transmitter is unsurpassed in meeting your current and future need for outputs, process information and communications. Whether your output needs are traditional 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays or advanced digital bus communications such as HART, Foundation fieldbus, PROFIBUS, or Modbus, ST100 has you covered. ST100's bus communications have been certified by and are registered devices with HART and Foundation fieldbus.


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The SITRANS P DS III series includes digital pressure transmitters for measuring gauge pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level.

Even the standard devices offer comprehensive  diagnostics and simulation functions with high reliability. The suitability for use in SIL2 circuits has been certified by external test institutes.

FCI: FLT93 Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch

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The FLT93S insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade. This product was designed for heavy industrial environments including high temperature and high pressure. FCI is the only thermal manufacturer providing temperature compensation to ensure set point accuracy for process temperatures that vary up to ± 100° F. The FLT93S is easily field-configured or factory preset, providing unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and stability for all multiple process sensing and switching requirements.

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Siemens Process Instrumentation:  Transmitters for Maximum Efficiency in Process Instrumentation.

Measuring, positioning, recording, and controlling are key parameters for all industrial processes. Thus, top priorities for process instruments are achieving high levels of precision and absolute reliability. Process Instrumentation from Siemens satisfies these demands and provides an efficient means to increase plant efficiency and improve product quality.

Siemens offers a comprehensive range of process instrumentation for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement.  Pneumatic valve positioners, process recorders, and process protection devices complete the package.  Whether you need a single transmitter or a complete instrumentation package, Siemens has the technical expertise for your project.
Our wide range of application and research capabilities have led us to uniquely develop and optimize our thermal dispersion technology. Our sensors now include self-heated and discretely heated RTD's that operate on constant power, constant current, constant voltage and pulsing technologies. Customers rely on FCI to select the optimum technology for their application and also recommend a performance validated instrument that meets or exceeds the most demanding process conditions.

Custom product design has become a rarity with many instrument suppliers. FCI continues to be an ambitious and innovative opportunist in providing solutions for difficult and exotic application challenges. For those customers that require only one instrument or an OEM who benefits by a customized design, FCI operates dedicated product divisions to promptly service custom applications, packaging, installation support and systems design.

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