The MCL Round-The-Table Discussion is designed to allow our customers to discover new products, learn more about current ones, and ask application specific questions. 

  • We setup stations in your boardroom and allow you to come by at your leisure to browse the products you are interested in. 
  • MCL sets up 4-8 Stations of products and applications directly requested by you
  • This event lasts anywhere from 90-120 minutes

Take a few minutes of your day and check out what MCL is all about.

Refreshments will be provided to all attendees. 

 If you are interested in becoming involved with a Round-The-Table discussion, please contact the event coordinator, Jared Teed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 4-8 products of ours you are interested in learning more about. 


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Click Here for a complete list of the stations we will be offering. 

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