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The Energy & Petrochemical Division designs and manufactures medium/high pressure equipment like reactors, columns, drums, heat exchangers and special vessels for the refining, petrochemical and fertiliser industries. Construction materials range from steels (carbon steel, low-alloy steel, clad steel) to special alloys (nickel, copper, aluminium) and more exotic materials like Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and Titanium. VRV has been qualified by the main Engineering Companies throughout the world and is approved by all major process licensors like UOP, Topsoe, Uhde, Casale, Phillips, Lummus, Polimeri Europa to name a few.

The manufacturing activities of the company take place at Ornago and Burago facilities, totalling a surface of 87,000 m2, with lifting capacity up to 500 tonnes, equipment length up to 60 meters and diameter up to 6.5 meters. Both facilities are located 65 km South East of Malpensa airport, Northern Italy and also have accessibility and connectivity to the major ports.

The Division specialises in products for the following applications:

  • Refinery Units (Vacuum Distillation, Hydrotreating , Hydrocracking, Catalytic Reforming, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Coking, Alkylation, Isomerization etc
  • Petrochemical Plants (Styrene, TA/PTA,PE/HDPE/LDPE/PP,PVC,PET, Melamine)
  • Fertilizer plants (Urea / Ammonia / Methanol)

The careful selection of materials according to the most stringent industry standards, the quality control applied to all manufacturing aspects, the high level of process automation, like welding, the meticulous non-destructive testing activities and the special care taken over the heat treatments, enable VRV to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, as well as national and international inspection boards.

The Cryogenic Division of the Group uses innovative techniques to produce a comprehensive range of products and services dedicated to the design and fabrication of state-of-the-art vacuum insulated tanks for the distribution and storage of cryogenic liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG (natural gas), hydrogen and other hydrocarbons for use in industrial, healthcare, electronics, food, energy and environmental applications from their manufacturing facilities in Italy, France and India.

The Group Cryogenic Division has been specializing for over 50 years in the following fields:

  • Standard cryogenic bulk storage (tanks from 2,000 to 60,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)
  • Shop-built, engineered storage tanks up to 1,000,000 litres
  • Site built, custom-made storage tanks up to 5,000,000 litres
  • Cryogenic distribution equipment (delivery units, semi-trailers and ISO containers)
  • Microbulk cryogenic tanks (120 to 2,000 litres - 4 to 37 bar)
  • Ambient air vaporizers
  • Nitrogen tanks for the service companies to oil and gas industry
  • Cryo solutions for artificial insemination
  • Turnkey systems for cryobiological storage
  • Liquid helium Dewars and tanks
  • Homecare medical systems for liquid oxygen
  • Vacuum insulated piping
  • Turnkey cryogenic installations for the LNG market

The Group makes use of its resources, experience and know-how to make sure that safety and good practice is promoted towards the gas market, in order to meet with new success in an increasingly competitive market. Modern facilities, technical competence, rational use of the Group resources, a strong motivation and a natural attitude to challenges are among the characteristics VRV customers most value.

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