diagnosticsvdsrSTW’s Vehicle Data System works with STW’s TC3G hardware to offer a complete best-of-breed solution for local and remote connectivity, diagnostics and analytics with intuitive user interfaces, ability to manage users and roles and completely customize monitoring.

  • Integrated hardware and software telematics architecture to enable flexible access to vehicle data
  • Web-based configuration, monitoring and logging
  • Out-of-the-box functionality for rapid implementation
  • Powerful toolset for user applications or customization
  • Multiple networking options – Local and Remote Modes!
  • Real-time monitoring or event-based logging
  • Perfect as a front-end for OEM- or fleet-customized back-end solutions
  • Designed for difficult, demanding environments
  • Full stand-alone Telematics: ESX-TC3G
  • Local networking: Ethernet, CAN, USB, RS232 PLUS
  • GPS, GSM/CDMA, WLAN or Bluetooth with internal or external antennas
  • 400 MHz Processor with Linux and 1 GB flash
  • Controller Networking – Eb07 Babyboard for ESX-3XL
  • Same as the ESX-TC3G without the modems/antennas
  • Accessible directly from the controller with CoDeSys or C functions

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