MG 1912retuschiert 300x199The ESX – TC3G is a LINUX based telematics module with integrated antennas with 3G and CDMA capabilities on top of a GSM modem. It uses GLONASS in addition to GPS for faster and more accurate positioning and has both external and internal antennas.

  • 3G (five bands) and 2G (four bands) wireless communication
  • Wireless interfaces such as WLAN and Bluetooth
  • CDMA option for cellular
  • GPS and GLONASS receiver for optimized accuracy and acquisition time.
  • Internal or external Antennas
  • 2 CAN, one RS-232 port, one Ethernet and one USB interfaces
  • 32 bit MPC5200B 400-MHz micro-controller
  • Board Support Package with CAN recorder and virtual CAN network software.
  • Linux Operating System
  • Communications expansion board adds a digital input and output, an accelerometer, and the option to add cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G), GPS and WLAN modems

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