ESx 3XL3 300x199The ESX-3XL is a highly adaptable, scalable, powerful controller with up to 136 I/O points. Its innovative expansion board architecture provides controls engineers with the flexibility to future-proof their design. Six expansion board slots can be used to add I/O and communications capabilities in the initial design or at later stages when enhanced functionality is desired. The expansion board architecture also ensures that a design is optimized for the specific requirements of the mobile application without sacrificing durability.


  • Up to 136 I/O
  • 2×81 Pin Sealed Automotive Connectors
  • IP 67 Environmental Rating
  • 4 Status LEDs (2 System, 2 User)


  • 28 Multi-function inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Voltage, current, or frequency
  • Software-adjustable voltage range, 0-5, 10 or 40 V
  • Frequency measurement up to 20 kHz
  • 24 PWM or digital high-side outputs (8x4A, 16×2.5A) with voltage and current feedback
  • 3 independent adjustable regulator outputs for sensor supply
  • 4xCANbus 2.0B ports with hardware gateway functionality
  • RS-232 port


  • C with API Library (SIL2 safety features available)
  • CoDeSys (SIL2 safety features available)
  • Matlab/Simulink


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