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Bliss Anand is a leading manufacturer of field instruments for process and power industries including Sight Glasses, Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Transmitters and Farris Safety Relief Valves. Bliss Anand has added Energy Equipments Division to cater to the demand of engineered products for Oil & Gas industry. Established as a manufacturing firm 40 Years ago, it has opened three major manufacturing facilities spread over, USA, Middle East and Asia, also it has established sales and marketing network in USA, Canada, Middle East, Far East and Asia. Bliss Anand's products are widely accepted, recommended and used by leading engineering consultants and contractors in Oil & Gas and other process industries.


Magnetic Level Gauge

Product Overview          

Bliss Anand Magnetic Level Gauges are highly accurate, low-maintenance alternatives to sight glasses and other outdated level indicators. They provide redundant, non-invasive level indication while eliminating leak points and fugitive emissions. Their robust design is ideal for high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive services. Bliss Anand gauges are easy to install and require no extra piping in most applications.



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