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Company Overview:

Engineering, Research and Development
With over 40 years of successful service in process industries throughout the world, FCI has earned our customer's recognition as "The Mass Flow Expert".

We are proud of our market leadership to continually introduce breakthrough technologies. With extensive design development and laboratory testing facilities, FCI maintains exclusivity in the mass flow market by developing products that are comprehensively tested and validated to extreme process application conditions. One segment of the validation process includes detailed testing of power variations, EMI / RFI interferences, and other similar features that directly impact product longevity. With such an intensive product qualification process, FCI can continue to offer the most extensive product warranties in the instrumentation industry.

Our wide range of application and research capabilities have led us to uniquely develop and optimize our thermal dispersion technology. Our sensors now include self-heated and discretely heated RTD's that operate on constant power, constant current, constant voltage and pulsing technologies. Customers rely on FCI to select the optimum technology for their application and also recommend a performance validated instrument that meets or exceeds the most demanding process conditions.

Custom product design has become a rarity with many instrument suppliers. FCI continues to be an ambitious and innovative opportunist in providing solutions for difficult and exotic application challenges. For those customers that require only one instrument or an OEM who benefits by a customized design, FCI operates dedicated product divisions to promptly service custom applications, packaging, installation support and systems design.

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